About Breakthrough Junction

At Breakthrough Junction, we strongly believe the last thing the world needs is another diet.   The amount of money spent annually in the diet industry is staggering, yet the overall result in our society is unacceptable; we are getting increasingly unhealthy as a nation. We know that fad diets do not work. It damages our bodies and minds. We know the pain. We know the struggle. We know how to change it.

Breakthrough Junction was formed from a passion to change how people nourish their bodies and minds. Our goal is to change the way North Americans approach the rising obesity epidemic. We will teach our approach one client at a time until the entire world knows a new way. A better way. A peaceful way. A way that will end our societal struggle with weight and body image.

A big goal? Yes! But this is how much we believe in it.

We Believe:

  • You can lose weight and not feel hungry.
  • Everyone deserves a peaceful relationship with food.
  • Having fun is essential.
  • Your weight does not define you.

We Know:

  • Your journey with us will be life changing!

Why work with us?

  • Because we know what it is like to struggle
  • Because we know a better way
  • Because we have so much to show you
  • Because we will teach you how to honor your body
  • Because we already believe in you

Are you ready for a personal breakthrough?

We create the opportunity for you to find your healthiest weight. Itʼs our passion. It is as important to us as it is to you.

Are you at a junction in your life?

For our clients, it is truly a crossroad in their lives. A choice to go in a different direction. To discover a peaceful relationship with food. To begin a new journey.

Are you ready to stop battling your body?

We will teach you how to boost your body and motivate your mind. We empower and energize you with amazing body and mind fuel. From a place of harmony and balance, we teach you to honour your body. We know the way.

Are you ready to find a new way?

At Breakthrough Junction we use an Intuitive Eating approach that will change your life. A change that will last a lifetime. No deprivation. No restriction. No lies.

We do not prescribe a restrictive diet or teach you alternative distraction techniques. It is our goal to uncover the root causes of why you struggle with your weight in the first place. We teach you to reconnect to your amazing body with healthy nutrition and healthy thoughts. We know that you hold inner wisdom.  You will learn how to trust yourself again. Your body and mind will begin working for you instead of against you.

We know that the path to change your relationship with food happens between your ears; what you think and what you know.

Are you ready to experience your Breakthrough? Join us at the Junction! Your Journey Starts Here.

Stefanie Young

Registered Dietician

Passionate about helping others discover how amazing it feels to fuel the body and mind simultaneously. Entrepreneur, hockey mom, and lover of all things active and inspiring, I am continually learning how to balance it all with embracing arms. A true believer that fantastic tasting food while honouring your body and health is a must-have in this world.

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