Personalized Coaching

Breakthrough Junction offers individual nutrition coaching using an Intuitive Eating Model.  We specialize in weight reduction and obesity, emotional overeating, food cravings and addiction, compulsive overeating and binge eating struggles.  Our services are available over the phone and Skype and use this delivery option give our clients the ability to work with us whether you live near or far.

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Program Options

No referral is necessary and Registered Dietitian receipts are provided for insurance reimbursement purposes after each appointment. Packages must be paid in full at the time of the initial consultation.  If you are unsure which package is right for you, Stefanie will help guide you.  If the package you select is not the right fit, or if you simply change your mind, it can be adjusted at the time of your first appointment.

Ignite Your Health

Ignite Your Health is the perfect option for those looking to make small changes, learn about one or two specific areas, or if you are feeling unsure and just want to test the waters with an Intuitive Eating approach.  Our starter package includes a 60-minute new client consultation followed by a single 30-minute follow up session 3-4 weeks after the initial appointment to help you continue your journey.

  • Package Price $225 plus GST

Breakthrough Weight Management

Are you ready for a personal Breakthrough?  Let Stefanie help!  This package is ideal for clients looking to change their relationship with food and achieve true behavior change without drawing on short-term willpower.  Our approach uses a combination of Intuitive Eating with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) rather than a restrictive, dieting model.  Support and guidance is provided over a 4-6 month period and includes a 60-minute new client consultation with (5) 30-minute follow up sessions.  Follow up appointments are typically scheduled every other week for the first 3 follow-ups and monthly for follow-up’s 4 and 5.  Session topics are variable and individually determined based on each client’s identified barriers and outcome goals.  Areas are identified through a pre-appointment detailed intake questionnaire and further explored during your new client consultation.

  • Package Price $500 plus GST

Continue My Journey

Perfect for current and past clients that desire continued support beyond their coaching package.

  • Single Follow-Up (1 Session): $75/session
  • Quarterly Follow-Up (4 Sessions): $70/session
  • Bi-Monthly Follow-Up (6 Sessions): $67.50/session
  • Monthly Follow-Up (12 Sessions): $65/session

Prices do not include GST

Online Menu Planning Included!

Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat
For a FREE 30-Day Trial of Plan To Eat, Click Here!

Do you need new healthy and enjoyable meal ideas for you and your family? Have limited time to search out recipes? We have done the work for you!  This online recipe box, menu planner, and grocery list creator is included with all coaching packages.  All you need to do is sign up for a Plan To Eat membership using this link.  A free 30-day trial is included and if you wish to continue, it is only $39/year! (USD)

Our online menu planning includes:

  • Seasonally inspired and health focused menus expertly planned by Stefanie Copple, our Registered Dietitian
  • Two seasonal menus for each month of the year
  • Menus that automatically create your grocery list
  • New recipes added monthly that you can print, save, and share with your friends
  • Personalized grocery lists that automatically sync with your smartphone
  • With the touch of a button, easily adjust the number of servings required for recipes
  • Menus and grocery lists can be fully customized with your Plan To Eat membership

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